Saint-Malo: A Policeman Saves a Baby Outside the Police Station

Local News
Baby saved by police officer outside station in Saint Malo

The child was not breathing in his mother’s arms …

It is 11:45 p.m. Monday when the police of Saint-Malo (Ille-et-Vilaine) hear someone banging on the windows of Calvary Street police station. Behind the glass, a woman is in a panic because her one year old baby not breathing. The police immediately called emergency but do not expect their arrival to intervene in time.

The baby rescued before firefighters arrived

One of the police who has practised first aid, intervened to help the child who had started to have convulsions.  The officer managed to free the airway and the baby was able to take a breath before the arrival of firefighters.  The child was then taken to hospital as a precaution and will then be cared for at the hospital but his condition does not seem to worry the doctors. “Without him, we could have been looking at a worse situation,” said a fellow police officer.  According to The Telegram, the child had the congested mouth of mucus and milk.

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