In Seine-Maritime, Adopt Two Chickens for Free to Reduce Your Waste!

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Commune in Seine-Maritime is giving free chickens to reduce waste

The community of communes Caux-Austreberthe (Seine-Maritime) offers you two Norman hens and a henhouse to reduce your waste. To do this, simply fill out a questionnaire!

This is the good plan! Two laying hens and one hen house will be distributed free of charge to 100 families from the Caux-Austreberthe community in Seine-Maritime , selected via a questionnaire. Applications must be submitted between May 3rd and June 30th, 2019. 

Participating homes must live on the territory of the community of communes, have a garden and not already have chickens. 

Norman hens

The operation “Caux’Cottes” aims to reduce the weight of household waste and measure their impact on the amount of household waste where the share of organic waste represents more than 30% of the content. Knowing that a hen can swallow between 100 and 150 kg of waste per year!

Several Normandy communities have already successfully launched this type of operation. But the thing in addition to the community of communes Caux-Austreberthe is to have voluntarily chosen a local breed, the chicken of Pavilly. “A hardy species that is perfectly adapted to our territory and that values ​​our heritage,” says the community.

They will be provided by 11 local breeders from the Collective for the Safeguard of the Norman Poultry Breeds (CSRAN). The other two species will be more traditional and resistant hens from a local breeding, with red and black chickens, which will complement the hens of Pavilly, according to the requests.

Take care of your chickens!

The selected families will be informed mid-July by mail. The distribution of the chickens will take place during an official handover at the end of September and will be accompanied by a guide to the adopters including basic rules, food, health, etc. and an adoption charter to sign.

“The home is responsible for the good living conditions of the chickens. In case of non-compliance with their animal care obligations, the community will take over the chickens and the henhouse to give them to another home, “reads the charter. So, you like it ?

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