The Perpetrator of the Parcel Bomb Attack in Lyon Still on the Run, New Photos Released

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The perpetrator of the parcel bomb attack in Lyon still on the run, new photos released

The main suspect of the parcel bomb attack in Lyon (Rhône), which left 13 injured, is still actively sought. Police released new images.

The authorities put Saturday, May 25, 2019 “all means” to trace the main suspect of the parcel bomb attack that made 13 wounded light Friday in Lyon (Rhone), a thirtieth whose motives were still unknown to the day before the holding of the European elections.

The police posted on twitter two new snapshots of the main suspect of the attack perpetrated in front of a bakery on rue Victor Hugo, a pedestrian shopping street in the heart of Lyon. These photos, of very average quality, show a man riding a bicycle, carrying a backpack and a dark cap.

“All means” are “implemented to quickly reach the identification and the questioning of the author of the facts”, previously announced to the press in Lyon the prosecutor of the Republic of Paris, Rémy Heitz, specifying that the attack had not been claimed at this stage.

Testimonials collected

The official record shows 13 people – nine women including a child of ten years and four men – wounded, including 11 were hospitalised. Some had to “undergo surgery to extract shards,” according to the prosecutor.

As part of the investigation, “several dozens” of testimonies “are being exploited,” he added, while sources close to the case have revealed to AFP that DNA not yet identified had been isolated on the parcel bomb. This DNA is not listed in the National Fingerprint File (FNAEG), said a source close to the file, confirming information Progress .

According to these sources, there are strong suspicions that the explosive is TATP , in small quantities. TATP (triacetone tripeoxide), a very unstable explosive device, was used in the jihadist attacks of 13 November 2015 in Paris and March 2016 in Brussels.

A thirty-year-old wanted

It is the anti terrorist section of the Paris prosecutor’s office that opened the investigation for “attempted murders in connection with a terrorist enterprise and criminal terrorist criminal conspiracy”. However, the custody of the seals Nicole Belloubet emphasized Friday evening that it was “too early” to evoke “a terrorist act”.

According to Mr. Heitz, the suspect was dressed at the time with “light green Bermuda shorts”, a “dark green shirt with raised sleeves” and “black shoes”. “His face was partly hidden by a khaki cap and a pair of sunglasses.”

He is in his thirties, according to a source close to the survey.

Screenshot of a video surveillance of the city of Lyon showing the main suspect of the parcel bomb attack in the city center of Lyon, May 24, 2019.
Screenshot of a video surveillance of the city of Lyon showing the main suspect of the parcel bomb attack in the city center of Lyon, May 24, 2019. (© FRENCH POLICE / AFP / Handout)b, 

Screws and metal balls

Thanks to the video surveillance of the city, the run of the fugitive could be followed from 17H19, when he was cycling on the quai Claude Bernard bordering the 7th arrondissement of Lyon. Until the explosion occurred at 17:28, just after he abandoned a “kraft paper bag”, then left the “peninsula” of Lyon by the same route, said the prosecutor.

On the premises were found on the ground “2 cm screws, metal balls, seven batteries type LR6, a printed circuit board, a remote trigger device (…) and white plastic pieces that may be residues of the explosive device, “Heitz said.

A local administrative source confirmed on Saturday to AFP that the package contained a “relatively low explosive charge triggered remotely.

The facts occurred as France prepares to elect its deputies to the European Parliament .

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