European Elections: A Rally of François de Rugy Disturbed by “Yellow Vests” in the Tarn

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A meeting of François de Rugy disturbed by "yellow vests"

EUROPEAN ELECTIONS: The minister, François de Rugy in Tarn to talk about ecology in front of activists of La République en marche

The meeting of the Minister for Ecological Transition François de Rugy in Gaillac (Tarn), as part of the campaign for the European elections, was disrupted by a hundred yellow vests. The protesters sang songs hostile to the government and the President of the Republic, preventing the intervention of the minister on the theme “Europe ecology”.

François De Rugy came to meet LREM activists from Tarn at the invitation of MP Marie-Christine Verdier-Jouclas. After an hour, the “yellow vests” finally left the room, leaving the minister to finish his speech.

He notably addressed the sensitive issue in Occitanie of the train of the primeurs, this train convoy which connects each night the station Saint-Charles of Perpignan to Rungis and which could be replaced at the end of June by trucks because of the obsolescence of the material. “We can not accept that the SNCF can dictate a sudden change that can lead to a switch to the road,” said François De Rugy, adding that he was going to put “everyone around the table” to avoid such a scenario .

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