D-Day: Goodwood Committee Prepares June 7th Ceremony in Banneville-la-Campagne

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D-Day: Goodwood Committee prepares June 7 ceremony in Banneville-la-Campagne

The Goodwood Committee is organizing a ceremony on June 7 at the Banneville-la-Campagne cemetery, east of Caen, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the D-Day.

In a month or so will take place the ceremonies on the occasion of the anniversary of the Landing of 1944 .

The Goodwood Committee chaired by Didier Bellanger undertook to participate in this event by organizing a major ceremony at the entrance to Sannerville, east of Caen (Calvados), at the Banneville-la-Campagne cemetery. veterans, heritage, and historical studies, military music groups, representatives of British and German delegations, as well as about 550 children from schools located on the territory of Operation Goodwood.

The children will put a flower on the graves

Children dressed in t-shirts marked with a message of peace will each place a flower on the graves, sing a few songs and read some texts written upstream in the context of a school work.

The organizers met Tuesday 23rd April, 2019 on the site of the military cemetery to prepare the important logistics related to the event entitled “The youth remembers” to be held in Banneville-la-Campagne Friday, June 7 from 10 am at 12 pm and the afternoon of the next two days in Grentheville during festive events with exhibitions.

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Several tarpaulins and banners have been made for the occasion and will be installed on the sites concerned. Pedagogical presentation materials will then be permanently installed in the fourteen communes of the memory trail dedicated to the Battle of Goodwood.

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