Saint-Nazaire: During a Marital Dispute, She Stabs Her Spouse

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During a marital dispute in Saint-Nazaire, she stabs her spouse

A resident of Saint-Nazaire stabbed her companion several times during a domestic dispute. She was sentenced.

Tuesday 16th April, a young resident of Saint-Nazaire was at the bar of the Criminal Court to respond to violence on his ex-spouse, with a knife and drunk.

The police had already intervened several times during domestic scenes and the two ex-Nazaire concubines had already been sentenced for violence.

He, absent at the hearing, gave his version of this evening of November 5th, 2018:

“She was an alcoholic, I had our six-month-old daughter on her hands, I refused to lend her my phone, she tapped me on the back, grabbed and broke my phone. Hysterical, she left to drink a beer”

“I wanted to leave home”

The child was lying down, the victim came out.

On his return, a fight broke out and on the ground, the man was stabbed on the arm, causing him a serious and deep cut.

At the helm, the defendant does not do the same analysis:

“We were in conflict, I wanted to leave home but my car was down and I did not have a phone to call my mother.”

There was a fight, we fell, he hurt himself by falling on the knife that I did not want to let go. I took it to scare him, because he would certainly have put me one or two before the arrival of the police “

The young woman recognises half-heartedly his alcoholism:

“I never drink more than two glasses of wine or two beers there I drank two beers” 

“It was severe “

Hence the astonishment of the president, Céline Capeau, and the prosecutor, Alexia Cussac:

“And yet your rate was 1.56 g per liter of blood! “

Mother of two boys aged 17 and 11 who live with their father, the defendant has taken refuge, with her daughter, at her mother’s home in the Vendée where she carries out acting missions.

The prosecutor did not believe in an involuntary injury:

The knife is in the flesh, the cut of the arm is 8 cm and a depth of 2 to 3 cm, it was severe!”

She required four months in prison with EMS (stay with probation). The court pronounced three sentences, with a ban on contact with the victim, except for the arrangements for custody of the child.

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