Lionel Richie Wanted to Become a Priest

Singer Lionel Richie wanted to become a Pries

PEOPLE: Lionel Richie was good before integrating with the Commodores

Lionel Richie did not always dream of becoming a recognized artist, far from it, since his first vocation was to become a Priest Nevertheless, the singer was quickly changed when he saw the success that could bring him music … and especially the success he could have with the fairer sex.

“I left the family home to go to Tuskegee University and met my friends from the Comodores. At the time, I seriously considered becoming a priest. But the first time I played with the Commodores, a group of girls screamed. Before that moment, no one, no girl had ever shouted in front of me, “recalled Lionel Richie in an interview with People .

After careful consideration

A power of attraction that has had the effect of instantly diverting Lionel Richie from his spiritual ambitions. “I did not play basketball , not football or baseball . I played in a tennis team, but no girl shouted in front of the tennis court. But just after these girls shouted, I remember thinking, “I do not think I’m going to be a priest,” recalls Nicole’s father and  Sofia Richie .

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