The singer Tony Bennett has died

Tony Bennett, the Last of America’s Great Singers, has Died

DISAPPEARANCE: The singer, Tony Bennett died at the age of 96. He was diagnosed in 2016 with Alzheimer’s disease. Tony Bennett, one of the greatest American singers, died on Friday, several American media announced. He was 96 years old. The singer, much loved for his warm personality and his consistency, marked the music scene for more than seven […]

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Jane Birkin, singer and actress has died

Jane Birkin, Actress and Singer, Dies aged 76

BLACK NOTEBOOK: The former companion of Serge Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin was found dead at her home Singer, actress, British but French by her career, Jane Birkin died this Sunday at the age of 76. The interpreter of I love you… me neither was found lifeless at his home this morning by his caregiver. The ex-girlfriend of Serge Gainsbourg had fought for several […]

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Singer Astrud Gilberto was the first Brazilian singer to win a Grammy

Brazilian ‘Girl from Ipanema’ Singer Astrud Gilberto Dies at 83

THE BOSS OF THE BOSSA NOVA: Singer Astrud Gilberto was the first Brazilian singer to win a Grammy If its name does not mean anything to you, the air of its flagship tube undoubtedly resonates in your memory. Astrud Gilberto is a Brazilian singer who performs the famous song Girl from Ipanema. This bossa nova figure has died […]

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American singer Harry Belafonte has died aged 96.

Harry Belafonte, American Singer and Civil Rights Activist, is Dead

MUSIC: The African-American artist, Harry Belafonte, nicknamed “the king of calypso”, died Tuesday in New York at the age of 96 He marked his time with his captivating voice and his fight for civil rights in the United States. Iconic singer Harry Belafonte died on Tuesday at the age of 96, several American media reported. Born in Harlem on March 1, […]

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Star Academy singer Lucie Bernardoni suffers side effects after AstraZeneca vaccine

Star Academy Singer Lucie Bernardoni Suffers Side Effects after AstraZeneca Vaccine

MUSIC: On Twitter, Lucie Bernardoni pushed a big rant against Emmanuel Macron, and for good reason, at 34, she was vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine … which should no longer be administered to those under 55. Vaccination in France has been criticized for a few months and recent doubts about the AstraZeneca vaccine have not helped. Indeed, the use […]

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Lady Gaga's two dogs kidnapped, the dog-sitter shot in "stable" condition

Lady Gaga’s Two Dogs Kidnapped, the Dog-Sitter Shot in “Stable” Condition

HOLLYWOOD: Los Angeles Police called for witnesses to locate the two suspects as the singer offered $ 500,000 to have her animals returned to her At this point, the LAPD does not know if the suspects knew who owned the two French bulldogs they kidnapped. Two dogs belonging to Lady Gaga were stolen on Wednesday evening in […]

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Singer Demi Lovato is back in the studio

Demi Lovato’s Manager Announces Hers Return to the Studio

MUSIC: “Tell Me You Love Me”, Demi Lovato last album, dates back to 2017 Demi Lovato is back in the studio and everything suggests that she is working on the highly anticipated successor to Tell Me You Love Me , her latest album which dates back to 2017. It is Scooter Braun, the singer’s manager but also that of […]

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The singer, Gwen Stefani was diagnosed at the same time as her children

Gwen Stefani and Her Three Sons Struggle with Dyslexia

MUSIC: The singer, Gwen Stefani was diagnosed with dyslexia at the same time as her children It might sound surprising, but Gwen Stefani has lived through most of her life unaware that she has dyslexia. It was only when her three sons were diagnosed that the No Doubt singer realized that she too had this disability. And even […]

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The 74-year-old singer Christophe was hospitalized on Thursday March 26, 2020 in Paris, in intensive care.

Coronavirus: Singer Christophe HospitaliSed in Paris in Intensive care for Five Days

The singer Christophe, 74 years old, was hospitalised Thursday 26th March 2020 in a Paris hospital, in intensive care. He has tested positive for coronavirus covid-19 He has been hospitalized since Thursday 26th March 2020 in a Paris hospital, we learned Sunday 29th March: the singer Christophe was taken care of in an intensive care unit of the AP-HP. He would have tested […]

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