Fire of Notre-Dame: The Cathedral Bells will Ring Wednesday at 6.50pm

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The Notre-Dame cathedral of Paris, in June 2018.

The bells of the cathedrals of France will ring Wednesday 17th April at 6.50pm, the start time, Monday, of the fire that partially destroyed Notre-Dame de Paris.

All the bells of the cathedrals will ring” on Wednesday 17th April, 2019, at 6.50pm, two days after the beginning of the fire that ravaged Notre-Dame de Paris, announced the Conference of Bishops of France in a statement.

“The fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris is a shock far beyond our country’s Catholics . To demonstrate the solidarity of all the dioceses of France with the diocese of Paris, the bells of all the cathedrals of France will ring tomorrow Wednesday at 6.50pm.”

A big concert Saturday, April 20 on  France 2

France 2 will  organise  a great evening of solidarity  Saturday, April 20, 2019,  around Stéphane Bern . Many artists will mobilise for the reconstruction of the cathedral as part of a call for donations in partnership with the Center des monuments nationaux.

48 hours to secure the building

The disaster occurred shortly before 19h, Monday, April 15, in the attic of the cathedral. If the frame of the building was completely destroyed, collapsing the spire, the towers of the monument were spared.

“Vulnerabilities” have however been identified at the level of the vault and a gable of the North transept which must be secured, said Secretary of State for the Interior, Laurent Nunez, Tuesday noon.

The “interior security work” should last about 48 hours.

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