“Yellow Vests” in Paris: Macron Shortens his Stay at the Ski and Philippe Promises “Total Firmness”

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Emmanuel Macron has shortened his weekend skiing in La Mongie (Pyrenees) to return to Paris after the violence committed during the demonstration of "yellow vests",

RETURN: The violence committed on the Champs-Elysées in Paris, this Saturday, during the demonstration of “yellow vests” led the President of the Republic to leave the Pyrenees

From La Mongie to the Ministry of the Interior. Emmanuel Macron left the Pyrenees where he spent a weekend skis to reach Paris and the crisis cell of the place Beauveau. The head of state was expected to arrive last night at 10.30pm at the Ministry of the Interior.

Strangled by the opposition, who denounced the “incompetence” of the executive, Emmanuel Macron had to cut short his ski weekend Saturday after the violence committed in Paris during the act 18 “yellow vests” . At the Ministry of the Interior, the head of state should take stock of a day of violence that refers to the scenes that had enamelled previous episodes of “yellow vests” many reject these incidents.

“Those who excuse” these acts make them “accomplices”

Edouard Philippe, he in the afternoon, promised a “total firmness” against the damage on the Champs-Elysees. The Prime Minister has given his “greatest support” to the police, while stores were looted and burned higher on the “most beautiful avenue in the world”.

Remarks echoing those of Emmanuel Macron who said on February 26th that we must “now say that when we go into violent demonstrations, we are complicit of the worst”.

He said the government’s “goal of total firmness” against “several thousand very determined people who are there to create disorder.” He felt that “those who excuse or encourage” these “unacceptable” acts become “accomplices”.

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