Yellow Vests: What Can We Expect Today for this 18th Day of Mobilisation?

General News
The demonstration of Vests yellow, March 9, 2019 in Bordeaux. For the 17th day of mobilization, the event had gathered 28,600 people throughout France

Four months after the beginning of the Yellow Vests movement, the protesters intend to return to Paris for the 18th weekend of consecutive mobilisation. Goal ? Launch an “ultimatum” to President Emmanuel Macron on the occasion of the end of the national debate.

Last Saturday, at the 17th weekend of mobilisation, the shortness of yellow vests was felt while 28,600 people had demonstrated throughout France. For this 18th edition of the events and the day after the end of the Great National debate, the Yellow Vests wish to re-motivate and remobilise the troops.

For that, several calls on the social networks indicated a convergence of the movement towards the capital, like what had happened on the first Saturday of the demonstration.

Coordinated actions in Paris

Unlike last week, the Yellow Vests should crystallise their actions in Paris, organising a large gathering of French in the capital, entitled: France in Paris .

The goal is, according to the Facebook page  Brains not available, to make March 16th a pivotal date for the movement: “  No one can predict the outcome of this new national mobilisation in Paris. What is certain is that it will be a turning point for the future. It is up to us that this turn takes the right direction.

The organisation is in place: the participants have set up carpooling and accommodation systems in Île-de-France via Facebook pages, including one for women who come to protest.

Operation encirclement

The main action claimed on the Brains not available  page  is an appointment on four poles, mainly busy stations: Gare du Nord, Gare Saint-Lazare, Gare Montparnasse and finally Place du Chatelet (1st arrondissement of Paris ), followed by the goal of walking towards the Élysée, as was the case on November 17th.

An ultimatum issued to the government

This gathering is, for the organisers, an ultimatum to President Emmanuel Macron and the government.

“We issue an ultimatum to President Macron and to the government, we want our demands to be respected, we call all France to go to Paris. Our debate began in mid-November, and nothing we proposed was heard! The answer was only the violence of the police and the contempt of the elites. For freedom, equality and fraternity to triumph over the government and the powerful, March 16 we organise and invade Paris, “announces a message posted on the Facebook page.

Convergence of struggles

This 18th component of the mobilisation joins two other events to create a “common act”.

First ally: the march for the climate “The march of the century” which openly calls in a forum published on the site  at the meeting of the movement with that of the Yellow Vests. “  The situation in the world is only getting worse. The multiplication of extreme climate events shows it: it is urgent to fight global warming and contain it below 1.5 ° C, as proposed by the latest report of climate experts, the IPCC […] We want a government which stops these policies and takes strong measures in favor of the climate. The movement of yellow vests puts in the public debate the state of our democracy and the whole of the social and fiscal policy of the government.

The two movements will also join the “March Against State Racism and Police Violence”, as was the case on February 2nd .

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