Weather in Charente: More and More Thunderstorms

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More thunderstorms are forecast for the Charente

WEATHER: A reasonable day for the Charente, although thunderstorms could be on the way

It’s pretty good this morning with 6 degrees in the countryside and 7 degrees in Angouleme, in the sky there are some clouds, but it is the sun that should prevail today, with nice clearings. Overall the weather will be beautiful promises Météo France.

The temperatures rise slightly since it will be 12 degrees in Cognac and Angoulême pending even higher temperatures in particular Saturday with 17 degrees being forecast.

The National Meteorological Center announces a beautiful week for the arrival of spring. This Tuesday, a north wind will blow weakly.

Afternoon weather forecast for the Charente
Afternoon weather forecast for the Charente (Photo credit: Météo France)

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