Toulouse: Yellow Vests Again Banned from Demonstrations on Capitol Square for Act 20

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In Toulouse, the Capitol will be banned from access during the act of 20 mobilization of yellow vests. (

The yellow vests will not be welcome at Capitole Square in Toulouse for the act 20 of their mobilisation, Saturday 30th March, 2019. The ban on demonstrations has been renewed.

The prohibition to demonstrate on the Capitol Square in Toulouse is renewed for Saturday 30th March, 2019 and act 20 mobilisation of yellow vests. The prefecture of Haute-Garonne announced this Thursday 28th March, 2019.

Reinforced security device

The ban on demonstrations runs from 12 midday to 9 pm The prefecture specifies:

“A reinforced security device will be set up in the city center to ensure the application of the prohibition order. Anyone protester in the closed area will be subject to 1 April contravention class or 135 € fine . “

Up to six months in prison

The State services also explain that “any demonstration or gathering causing disturbances to public order will result in immediate dispersal by the police and the arrest of potential perpetrators of violence.”

The organisers are particularly targeted, the prefecture specifies that in case of violation of this order, they risk “six months of imprisonment and up to 7500 euros fine. Etienne Guyot , prefect of Haute-Garonne, calls “the calm and responsibility of everyone.”

Six yellow vests verbalized during the act 19

The prohibition to demonstrate the Capitol Square was set up for the first time on Saturday 23rd March, 2019. At the end of the day, about forty yellow vests were able to circumvent the ban on demonstrating on the most famous square in Toulouse.

Six people had been verbalised for the non-respect of this prefectural decree which will be renewed on Saturday.

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