Brexit: Spain Ready to Grant Residence to 400,000 Britons

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Brexit, Spain ready to offer 400,000 Britons residency

According to the newspaper El Pais, the Spanish government plans to grant residence in Spain to 400,000 Britons, provided that this measure is reciprocal for Spaniards living and working across the Channel.

Spain plans to grant residence to 400,000 Britons if the UK leaves the European Union without agreement, El Pais newspaper reports on Friday , on the eve of the Spanish government’s publication of the measures it intends to take take in case of “hard” Brexit.

For this measure to apply, however, Madrid will require reciprocity for Spanish nationals living and working in the UK, the paper said.

The priority of Spain is that no Spanish or British citizen will be deprived of their rights after the Brexit, Foreign Minister Josep Borrell told El Pais on Friday .

The Spanish emergency plan also concerns Gibraltar, writes the newspaper, although Madrid will require to have a say on any measure related to Brexit that concerns the peninsula.

A  draft law incorporating the measures of the emergency plan will be submitted quickly to Parliament, before it is dissolved for early parliamentary elections at the end of April.

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