Yellow Vests “Act 13”: What to Expect this Saturday

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Yellow Vests act 13, what to expect this Saturday

This Saturday 9th February, the Yellow Vests will again beat the pavement for the occasion of  “act 13” of their mobilisation

This Saturday 9th February, the Yellow Vests will again beat the pavement for the occasion of  “act 13” of their mobilisation. On February 5th, they were 58,600 throughout the country, according to the Interior Ministry. Figures down from the previous two weeks. Several undeclared events are planned in Paris on the Champs-Élysées. Meetings are also announced in the provinces.

Lucky number or ominous sign? “Act 13” of the Yellow Vests, according to the terminology used by supporters of the movement, scheduled for Saturday 9th February, will it reveal signs of shortness of breath?

The figures of mobilization throughout the country reflect a decline in the number of protesters for 3 weeks: 58,600 on February 2, 69,000 on January 26, and 84,000 on January 19, according to the Ministry of the Interior. French support is up slightly, according to  a YouGov poll released on Thursday (February 7th) . Nearly two in three French continue to support the movement and 77% find the mobilisation justified, according to this study.

Last weekend the protesters wanted to highlight their wounded. They demanded the end of “police violence that mutilates” , after a controversy over the use of the launchers of defense bullets (LBD) by the police. Clashes with the police had nevertheless broken out late in the procession, including Paris, Bordeaux or Morlaix. 80,000 police officers were mobilised during “Act 12” .

Unlike previous mobilisations, no city seems to have been designated to symbolically incarnate the protest Saturday, February 9, as was the case previously in  Bourges , January 12 or  Valencia , February 2. The Yellow Vests, however, have still planned many actions in the country, even if the extent of their mobilisation is uncertain.

Parisian demonstrations not declared

“No demonstration has been declared for Saturday [9 February] because those who declare are fed up with the fact that the demonstrations always end in the same way !! “Exclaimed Eric on Facebook Drouet. The 33-year-old truck driver, one of the movement’s figures, explains in a post that he is only “relaying” certain gatherings.

facebook account of yellow vests protester Eric Drouet

Eric Drouet  must be tried on February 15 , for “organisation of an undeclared demonstration” by the Paris Criminal Court.

Jerome Rodrigues , another figure of the movement, wounded in the eye on January 26, announces for his part, via a statement posted on his Facebook account, that, “by collective decision” , the Parisian demonstrations will no longer be declared, arguing that “the freedom to move, the freedom to demonstrate, the freedom of expression […] are flouted by the government. ” ” Everyone will understand that he is free to come and go, to move and to act as it sees fit “ , is it yet clear. No assembly point is therefore specified.

Several gatherings on the Champs-Élysées

In Paris, several events are planned with, as a rallying point, the Champs-Élysées. The event “The great debate is in the street” calls “all provincial all provinces in Paris  ”, from 11 am. “The big debate is in the street! Macron / Castaner you will have to answer for your acts of thugginess towards the French people! You have destroyed too much life now that’s enough, “ says his description.

On the page “Act XIII – Destitution of Castaner”, the organisers “Gilets Jaunes Macron Resignation” give appointment Place de l’Étoile between 9 am and 10 am. “Starting from there, we will try a siege instead Beauvau” , they say dedicating the day Saturday “the dismissal [ of the Minister of the Interior Christophe] Castaner  ”.

Another rally called “Act XIII Insurrection !!! Should start at 7 am on Saturday on the Champs Elysees. “If we want to establish a new political regime like the RIC, this is in our rights and if the government prevents us, our insurrection is legitimate! “ , Proclaimed its organisers.

Yellow Vests arrange meetings in Paris

Yellow vests should also be under the Arc de Triomphe at 10:30, at the initiative of “France still standing.” This event will be declared in prefecture. “All violence is detrimental to yellow vests. Be responsible for your actions, “ warn the organisers. The procession must go through the Champs-Élysées, then in front of the Quai d’Orsay, the National Assembly, the Senate, the Medef and end on the Champ-de-Mars at 17 h.

Since the first Saturday of demonstration on November 17, the Champs-Elysees have been the scene of violent clashes between demonstrators, thugs and police. The Arc de Triomphe, located at the top of the avenue, was ransacked during the demonstration on  December 1 st .

Maxime Nicolle in Nice

Maxime Nicolle will be present in Nice as announced by the administrators of the page “Act XIII – For our freedom! Italian Border “. The start of the event is set at 11 am in front of the stadium Allianz Riviera.

The Breton, also known as FlyRider, participated this Friday in a rally with twenty yellow vests in San Remo , Italy, to “discuss” and campaign for “Europe peoples” .

“We improvised this gathering to meet Italian yellow vests. They have the 5-star movement and what they explain to me is that it was supposed to be anti-capitalist, and it does not happen as expected, “ said by phone to AFP Maxime Nicolle, three days after the meeting between the Italian Deputy Prime Minister and head of the 5-star Movement Luigi Di Maio and some yellow Vests in France, at the origin of a political and diplomatic crisis between the two countries.

Regional event in Rennes

“This time is the good” promises the group “Yellow Frelons 35” which calls for a regional event in Rennes. The appointment is set at 14 pm, the town hall square “if possible” , otherwise Republic Square.

Yellow Vests will be in Rennes this Saturday

The merchants of the Breton capital hoped to take advantage of Édouard Philippe’s visit on Friday to demand “the restoration of order in the city center” . Due to lack of time, the Prime Minister will not be able to meet them. However, he indicated by mail that the city would be eligible for a support fund .

In the West, demonstrations are planned at the beginning of the afternoon in Lorient (at the Cité de la Voile), in Brest (Place de la Liberté), at La Roche-sur-Yon (at the station), at Nantes, Rouen and Caen at 2 pm and Douarnenez at 1 pm.

“Refractory Gauls” and  masked protesters

In Bordeaux, the rendezvous is given at 1pm instead of the Stock Exchange for a “pacifist demonstration” of “Gallic refractory (who) will cross the street to find the King.”

In Lyon, a “big parade” is planned Place Bellecour from 2pm.

In Toulouse rallying is set between 1pm and 2pm  at the Metro Jean-Jaurès at the initiative of the page “Act XIII Civil Disobedience all and all in Toulouse” and “All gather in Toulouse”.

In Marseille, like every Saturday, the rendezvous is set in the early afternoon on the Old Port.

Several actions, with a more or less close link with the original claims of the movement, are planned throughout the weekend in Montpellier. A “festive walk  is planned Friday night “to walk the streets of Montpellier in joy and good humor . ” A rally is scheduled Saturday to “denounce the law ” anti-crash ” while being all masked. Scarves, balaclavas, scarves, masks … and others “ , is it written on the group” Vests yellow Montpellier “.

A “walk of dignity” is also scheduled Sunday at 11 am “for people with disabilities, carers, SIAs, medical staff . 

pacifist march Sunday

Vests yellow Southeast of France, asking for a “RIC without restriction” (referendum citizen initiative), will start in “a pacifist march” to Paris where they hope to be joined by processions of other regions, have announced this Friday in Marseille a dozen of them.

The first start will be Sunday of Boulou (Pyrénées-Orientales) on the border with Spain by five to six yellow Vests, while a second group of ten people will start on February 16 from Marseille. The two groups will meet again on February 19th in Avignon and then converge on Paris on March 17th.

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