Act 12 Yellow Vests: A “Great March of the Wounded” to Denounce Police Violence

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Act 12 yellow vests march in Paris against police violence

A “great march of the wounded” is planned this Saturday in Paris by the Yellow Vests, in response to the continued use of the LBD by the State Council.

In full controversy over the LBD, the ” yellow vests ” parade Saturday, February 2, 2019 in Paris against police violence in an act marked by 12 new mobilizations across France , including Valencia.

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“Great march of the wounded”

The day after the decision of the State Council to maintain the use of the launchers of ball of defense (LBD) in the demonstrations, a “great march of the wounded” is planned in the capital to demand the prohibition of “LBD-40 and grenades GLI-F4 and GMD “, two and a half months after the start of the movement.

“To end the excessive force imposed by the government to silence the protest,” protesters are invited to come with “bandages on the eye, bandages, put red on yellow vests as blood According to calls made on Facebook.

Video. Yellow vests: the Council of State maintains the use of the LBD:

In Paris, Lyon or Montpellier, protesters intend to denounce the use of LBD, this non-lethal weapon used more than 9200 times since the beginning of the challenge and accused of causing serious injuries including those of Jerome Rodrigues, one of the figures “yellow vests”.

According to the militant group “Disarming them”, 20 people have been seriously wounded in the eye – most of them have been wounded – since 17 November. The Police of the Police (IGPN) has received 116 investigations according to a police source, with 10 of them reporting serious eye injuries. In total, the authorities recorded more than 1900 wounded among the protesters and more than 1200 in the police force.

Seized in an emergency, the Council of State considered that the risk of violence in the demonstrations made it “necessary to allow the police to resort” to the LBD, a decision deemed “incomprehensible” by “yellow vests”.

Jérôme Rodrigues and Eric Drouet figures "yellow vests", after the first was seriously wounded in the eye, in Paris, January 30, 2019.
Jérôme Rodrigues and Eric Drouet figures “yellow vests”, after the first was seriously wounded in the eye, in Paris, January 30, 2019. (© AFP / Archives / BERTRAND GUAY)

“If the law were respected, there would be no injuries”

Faced with the controversy, the Interior Minister admitted Friday that the said intermediate weapon could “hurt” and promised to punish “abuse” but he defended the use “to face the rioters.”

“If there were no looted shops, barricades erected, cars burned, public buildings ransacked (…), if the law was respected, simply, there would be no injuries,” said Christophe Castaner, promising a “powerful” police device for this twelfth Saturday of mobilisation.

10,000 demonstrators expected in Valencia

The scale of this act 12 is still uncertain, while the last Saturday had collected, according to the Ministry of the Interior, 69,000 “yellow vests” on the territory against 84,000 January 19th. Numbers systematically challenged by the demonstrators who accuse Beauvau Square of undervaluing the mobilization.

After having called to converge in Bourges during their act 9, the “yellow vests” this time call to mobilise en masse in Valencia where President Emmanuel Macron had gone last week for the great debate launched by the government in l hope of extinguishing the crisis.

“We fear about 10% of breakers”

Up to 10,000 protesters are expected in this town in the Drome where exceptional security measures have been taken. “There is concern, as we have seen in other events including that of Bourges, about 10% of thugs”, told the AFP LR mayor of Valencia Nicolas Daragon.

The prefecture thus decided to establish a “fairly wide” closed perimeter in the city center, with identity checks on the access points, and recommended the traders to lower the curtain on Saturday.

Like every Saturday, rallies are also planned in Bordeaux and Toulouse, traditional strongholds of the mobilization, where the previous acts were enamelled of incidents with the police forces.

The police in Toulouse opened an “administrative inquiry” after the disclosure of a video where police officers are heard commenting on a demonstration of “yellow vests” judging that it is necessary “to shoot”, “to align two, three bastos” .

The “yellow vests” also call for action in Nancy, Caen, Nantes or Rouen, where the prefecture banned any event in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

“A wall of shame” in Marseille

On the Old Port of Marseille, “a wall of shame” will be erected to remember the 14 dead (11 in France, 3 in Belgium) accidentally since the beginning of the movement, as a prelude to the parade that will leave at 1.30pm

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