Nantes: Yellow Vests Demonstrate for the 13th Consecutive Saturday

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The Yellow Vests parade in the city center of Nantes this Saturday

This Saturday 9th February, the Yellow Vests were demonstrating in the city centre of Nantes for the 13th weekend in a row. At the height of the afternoon, there were a thousand.

Weekends follow and look alike. This Saturday 9th February, in Nantes, Yellow Vests stroll into the city centre, for what they call “act 13” .

The procession set out shortly before 2:30 pm, calmly, from the centre of rue du 50 otages.

At the start of the parade, according to a first estimate, they were 400 protesters.

The procession then grew. At the height of the afternoon, there were a thousand demonstrators in the parade.

Stones and Tear gas

The first rocket and tear gas exchanges took place shortly after 3 pm

There was a slight tension on the course of 50 otages for the second pass. The procession was blocked by tear gas.

Around 4:30 pm, groups of demonstrators were still at the crossroads of the trams at Commerce. But the security forces threw tear gas clouds over the course of the 50 Otages, forcing what was left of the procession to disperse.

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