Leclerc: Ricard’s Pastis Risks Disappearing from the Shelves of Hypermarkets

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Ricard Pastis risks no being in Supermarkes

The products of the Pernod-Ricard group, including pastis, could disappear from the E.Leclerc hypermarkets because of a commercial dispute. Explanations.

After Coca-Cola, Ricard products? In conflict with the Pernod-Ricard group, the E.Leclerc hypermarket group is preparing to withdraw all ranges from the spirits operator, reveals the blog Rayon Boissons .

Some thirty references, including pastis Ricard, but also Aberlour and Ballantine’s whiskeys or liqueurs Malibu and Suze , are concerned.

This is not a first

This is not the first time Leclerc has started a showdown with a supplier. In 2018, a conflict pitted the banner against Coca-Cola for several months. Withdrawn from March, the cans and bottles of the mythical American soda had finally returned to hypermarkets in July .

And already at the time, Leclerc was not at his first attempt. In 2011, the products of the Lactalis group, such as Camembert President, Roquefort Company, mozzarella Galbani or Lactel milk, had disappeared from the shelves following a commercial dispute of the same kind.

They had finally returned to E. Leclerc a year later.

The price of Coca rose on 1st February

Hundreds of high-profile food products, including Coca-Cola, were raised on the 1st February. An increase related to the application of the new Food Law which provided for the increase to 10% of the resale threshold at a loss of distribution.

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