Kia ProCeed: A 5 Door Coupe

With the new ProCeed, Kia chose to realize the synthesis between a sedan and a station wagon.

Kia launches its new ProCeed with a sleek design, a neat interior, a full range of classic mechanics and a very competitive price starting at 26 590 euros

Kia understood that design was the major asset to attract customers. The new Kia ProCeed is the perfect example of a clever pencil stroke combining simple lines and well-balanced proportions to create a classic bodywork while incorporating the brand’s codes, including the particular design of its grille . A key asset for this family car that aims to achieve the synthesis between the sedan and the station wagon , taking the opposite of the current fashion SUV by its coupe look.

Kia therefore anticipates a possible reversal of trend by offering the ProCeed a “hunting wagon” which has the particularity of offering a very sloping rear part with a length similar to the ProCeed SW (4.60 m), in a look more athletic. In fact, this choice of five doors was dictated by the decline in the market for three-door sedans like the previous Kia ProCeed.

The interior of the Kia ProCeed
The equipment of the Kia ProCeed is plethoric from the beginning of the range with the electric adjustment of the driver’s seat, the navigation on screen colour, the camera of recoil and aids to the driving.

Equipment almost without gaps

Its interior has the same ergonomics as the other Kia ProCeed with a perfectly functional driving position, oriented towards the driver, soft touch quality surfaces and metallized inserts demonstrating the care taken in the finish.

To bring a sporty touch, it is distinguished by a black flag lining, a steering wheel with flat and paddles steering wheel for the automatic transmission.

The equipment of the ProCeed is plethoric from the beginning of the range with the electric adjustment of the driver ‘s seat, the navigation on color screen, the rear view camera and the driving aids like the automatic management of high beam. The power-assisted tailgate has a trunk almost identical to the SW with a rail barrier system to adjust its depth depending on the luggage while its bench folds easily into 4x2x4.

Diesel or petrol from 120 to 204 hp

The ProCeed incorporates most of the engines of the Ceed, namely the 1.6-liter diesel 136 hp and gasoline engines composed of 3-cylinder 1 liter of 120 hp and 4-cylinder 1.4 liter 140 hp. They are mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox, and for an additional charge of € 1,500, to the automatic 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (except the 3-cylinder).

Finally, to mark the sporting character of the car, its GT version has a 4-cylinder gasoline turbo developing 204 hp for a couple of 265 Nm associated, only in France, the automatic transmission. It is obviously with this last one that it shows all its talent of big dynamic road.

A remarkable GT version

It owes it to a completely independent suspension specific to the Kia ProCeed but optimized on the GT thanks to harder springs and a more direct and firm electric steering. The Michelin Pilot Sport tires, mounted on 18-inch alloy wheels, help make the car particularly efficient in turns, without fear of facing the rigors of the Castelloli circuit, not far from Barcelona, ​​proving the endurance of its braking entrusted to 4 disks.  

However, the gain in handling behavior logically compromises the comfort and unevenness of the roadway are more perceived by the passengers. It also encourages a more dynamic driving from which consumption that can graze the 10 liters / 100 km, especially as the Sport mode is better to erase a certain laziness of the DCT box. But the then amplified noise of the engine is superfluous.

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