Soon French and European Flags in all Classrooms?

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The National Assembly voted an amendment requiring the presence of a French and European flag in classrooms

During the examination of the draft law on education, the deputies voted an amendment obliging the presence of the national emblem of the Republic in the schools.

Will all French classrooms soon be decorated with a French and European flag? On the night of Monday 11th to Tuesday 12th February, the deputies voted an amendment in this sense, during the examination of the draft law on the school of confidence, led by the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer .

The elected Republicans Eric Ciotti, at the origin of the measure, emphasises that it is “essential that the school environment is the privileged place in which young people learn to respect the values ​​of the Republic.”

“Schools are not barracks”

Thus, two flags (French and European) and the words of the chorus of the Marseillaise could soon be displayed in all rooms of institutions of the first and second degree (kindergarten, elementary, high school and high school) of France, whether public or private under contract.

On the left side, this provision was not welcomed. Insubordinate France considers that those “at the frontons of the establishments are sufficient”. 

“Schools are not barracks,” said MP Michel Larive. 

A new deliberation is however awaited at the end of the examination of the text Friday given the conditions in which the amendment was adopted. 

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