Yellow Vests: Prohibited Gatherings in the Centre of Bourges by the Prefect of Cher

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Yellow vests banned from protesting in the centre of Bourges

On the Facebook page held by the collective “La France en colère”, 2700 people announced their participation in the rally in Bourges and 13 000 said they were interested.

It was a new idea of ​​yellow vests: moving the epicenter of the movement to the “center of France”, in the city of Bourges precisely, for the act 9 of the mobilisation planned this Saturday 12th January. The prefect of Cher Catherine Ferrier announced Friday the ban on any gathering on Saturday in downtown Bourges.

“I’m taking a decree to ban the entire historic center of the city,” she said on BFM TV.

Not declared in prefecture

According to this decree, consulted by AFP, “the foreseeable extent of this demonstration which has not been the subject of a declaration in prefecture (…) is incommensurate with the previous peaceful marches that took place in the commune of Bourges “.

The prefect adds that she received in prefecture on Wednesday four “yellow vests” and a “proposal for a route excluding the city center was recorded”. “The fact remains that their position does not necessarily reflect the intentions of all the demonstrators and that this event is not officially declared”.

The demonstration “which wants to be peaceful especially with the CGT” and must “circulate outside, on the boulevards that surround the city ” is not, it, not prohibited, said Catherine Ferrier.

Friday morning, on the Facebook page ” Act 9: gathering of yellow vests in the center of France “, 2700 people announced their participation in the rally and 13 000 said they were interested.

“A gathering of all at the center to confirm our unity and allow everyone to be at equal distance from the big cities! “, Said the group, predicting a start of rally Saturday at 10am .

The mayor of Bourges Pascal Blanc (center-right) has already taken measures including the closure of public buildings, museums, libraries, the Town Hall and adjacent town halls. The street furniture was dismantled and sites secured “so that any object that could turn into a projectile can not be available to the demonstrators,” he said on RTL.

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