"Yellow vests" gathered in front of the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Bercy, January 12, 2019 in Paris.

Yellow Vests: National Mobilisation Before Three Days of the Great Debate, First Tensions in Paris

The mobilisation of “yellow vests” continues this Saturday in the calm for the ninth consecutive week. The events take place in a calm atmosphere. Three days of national debate supposed to appease their anger, tens of thousands of ” yellow vests ” are again in the streets Saturday everywhere in France for the act 9 of their challenge […]

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The mobilisation of yellow vests is still very strong in Rouen

Yellow Vests Act 9: A Large-Scale Event in Rouen

Despite some arrests, the mobilisation of yellow vests for act 9 in Seine-Maritime took place in the calm during the morning. She is very strong in Rouen. The act 9 of the Yellow Jackets mobilised many protesters in Seine-Maritime Saturday 12th January, 2019. The dreaded rally in Rouen by the authorities, took place peacefully during the first part of the day. In Le Havre, […]

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New day od mobilisations of the Yellow Vests

Yellow Vests: New Day of Mobilisation before the National Debate, Fears of Violence

This Saturday, the act 9 of the “Yellow Vests” could mobilise still many demonstrators everywhere in France whereas the government must launch a big “national debate” on Tuesday. “No class struggle, all with the Bourgeois”: for their ninth Saturday of mobilization, the ” yellow vests ” want to mount a new hotbed of protest in Bourges , in addition […]

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Yellow vests banned from protesting in the centre of Bourges

Yellow Vests: Prohibited Gatherings in the Centre of Bourges by the Prefect of Cher

On the Facebook page held by the collective “La France en colère”, 2700 people announced their participation in the rally in Bourges and 13 000 said they were interested. It was a new idea of ​​yellow vests: moving the epicenter of the movement to the “center of France”, in the city of Bourges precisely, for the act […]

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Paris expects more violence with Saturday's protest by Yellow Vests

Yellow Vests: The Authorities Expect a Stronger and More “Radical” Mobilisation in Paris

80,000 police and gendarmes will be mobilised in France this Saturday in anticipation of yellow vests events. In Paris, we fear new acts of violence. On the eve of act 9 of the “yellow vests” Saturday 12th January, 2019, the authorities expect a mobilisation “stronger” than the previous week in Paris and “more radical”, said Friday […]

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