Yellow vests banned from protesting in the centre of Bourges

Yellow Vests: Prohibited Gatherings in the Centre of Bourges by the Prefect of Cher

On the Facebook page held by the collective “La France en colère”, 2700 people announced their participation in the rally in Bourges and 13 000 said they were interested. It was a new idea of ​​yellow vests: moving the epicenter of the movement to the “center of France”, in the city of Bourges precisely, for the act […]

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Where will act 9 of the Yellow Vests protests be

Yellow Vests: Act 9 Will Concentrate in Bourges?

While new rallies are scheduled for Saturday 12th January, organisers are reluctant to maintain the epicentre in Paris or move to Bourges, “center of France”. The imminent launch of the great national debate does not change anything: Yellow Vests are preparing new rallies Saturday, January 12 across France, and seem to want to focus between Paris, theatre of violence last […]

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