Seine-et-Marne: Exchange of Fire During an Arrest of Cigarette Thieves

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Exchange of gun shots in Seine-et-Marne

On Thursday 24th January, the police arrested five men implicated in the theft of cigarettes in Seine-et-Marne. But at the time of the arrest, gunshots were exchanged.

According to our sources, the police intervened Thursday 24th January, around 6:40, to stop a group of thieves at Avenue Pasteur, located in Courtry and Chelles (Seine-et-Marne). Men are involved in several robberies of tobacco distribution trucks.

A gang of criminals hunted by the police

This morning, around 5 am, they remained posted near the Logisca warehouse in Lognes . Then they followed one of the company’s trucks to the ring road. They drove aboard a  Renault Megane gray, registered in Seine-Saint-Denis (93) and a Renault Traffic . But the delivery man realised their presence. He decided to accelerate to sow them.

Seeing him go away, the criminals understood that they came to be spotted by the deliveryman. So they decided to turn back the road. They took the direction of Courtry. That’s where they were surprised by the police presence. Around 6:40 am, they forced a police barrage . They ran on the officials with their two stolen vehicles.

The police were there because they were investigating this gang, involved in other robberies of cigarette delivery trucks, in Seine-et-Marne. The beginning of the survey dates back to the beginning of the year.

One wounded and four in custody in Meaux

A policeman was injured during the events. He was mown down by one of the criminals.

By seeing them dark on them, the policemen decided to replicate with their weapons . One of the drivers of the stolen vehicles was shot in the arm at the time of the arrest. He was transported to Jossigny hospital . He will be heard as soon as his condition allows.

His accomplices were arrested . They are in custody at the Judicial Police of Meaux , who was investigating them. It would be men residing in Seine-et-Marne and Seine-Saint-Denis . They are known to the police.

The judicial and scientific police were still there in the late morning and made surveys, including a Renault Megane gray, with bullet impacts.

Xavier Vanderbise, LR Mayor of Courtry:

“This morning we witnessed a strong action by our police that I congratulate. This demonstrates their professionalism.”

On the scene of the arrest, the municipal police of Courtry intervened. She was in charge of road traffic in this area heavily cordoned off by the police. The bus network has been diverted to allow the police to intervene.

The General Inspectorate of the National Police is in charge of the investigation, for the part of the shots.

Many police forces blocked access to Pasteur Avenue in Chelles on Thursday (January 24th).
Many police forces blocked access to Pasteur Avenue in Chelles on Thursday (January 24th). (© La Marne)


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