Prime d’Activité: Last Day this Friday to Make the Request

Last day to apply for the Prime d'activité at the CAF

The increased and increased Prime d’activité bonus will be paid in early February to low-income earners . But be careful, it’s not automatic!

To benefit from this help, you must claim it online on the website of the Family Allowances Fund (CAF) , after having made a simulation to check if you are eligible. And to make sure you receive the payment by February 5th, you must submit your application by Friday 25th January.

In fact, you have until the 31st of the month to do this. This will be treated in any case and will result in a payment, but it could happen with “a small shift of a few days,” says the Caf.

Clearly, the earlier you apply, the sooner you receive the bonus on your bank account. According to RMC, only 38% of households newly eligible for the prime d’activité applied on Thursday.

Nearly 5 million beneficiary households

In response to the demands of the Yellow Vests, the government announced in December the expansion and increase of the activity bonus  for employees close to the Smic. Its increase should be increased to 90 euros maximum, and its profit extended to nearly five million households.

Note that after the last increase in the 1st January 2019  the minimum wage now amounts to 1,521.22 euros gross, or about 1,204 euros net. 

In total, a million more people will benefit, says the Caf. 

Three examples of households that are entitled to an increase in their activity premium
1. For a single person without children who earns between the SMIC and 1560 euros in net income, this is an increase in the activity premium up to 90 euros per month. 
2. For a single person with a child, touching between SMIC and 2050 net euros, it is an increase of the activity bonus up to 90 euros per month. 
3. For a couple with two children whose two members work, one touching the Smic and the other about 1550 euros, it is an increase up to 200 euros per month (with the revaluation of Smic).

Calculated each quarter

The premium is calculated according to the situation of each beneficiary. In addition to the salary, any other resources (spouse’s salary, unemployment benefits, family allowances) and assistance (APL in particular) received within the household are taken into account for the calculation of the activity premium.

After reviewing your file, you will receive a notification of attribution for three months. The reference period is the quarter preceding the quarter in which you receive the activity premium. Thus the premium paid in early February corresponds to January benefits and is calculated on the resources affected by your home between October and December 2018.

As for those who already received the Prime d’activité, they have no particular approach to take to benefit from its increase. From January 29th, they will be able to consult on their Caf account their new amount and will receive it from February 5th

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