Jaguar Land Rover to Cut 5,000 Jobs in UK

Jaguar Land Rover plans to cut 5,000 jobs in the UK in 2019.

According to the BBC, car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover is preparing to cut 5,000 jobs across the Channel, more than 10% of its workforce, in a context of uncertainties related to Brexit.

The automaker Jaguar Land Rover will cut 4,500 jobs in the UK, more than 10% of its workforce, affected by a drop in sales in China and the uncertainties of Brexit , announced the group on Thursday, confirming information of the BBC.

The group which employs over 40,000 people in the UK. According to the BBC , these job cuts are a 2.5 billion pound (2.8 billion euros) plan.

Concerns about Brexit

They will focus on positions in administrative, marketing and management, but production staff should also be affected.

These clear cuts are a result of a drop in sales in China and those of diesel vehicles, as well as concerns about British competitiveness after the Brexit, scheduled for late March, says the BBC quoting sources internal to the group.

In July 2018, the automaker had threatened to cut spending in the UK in case of hard Brexit, a scenario put forward by the government that is struggling to convince British MPs to adopt the divorce agreement negotiated with the European Union.

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