Ireland Will Seek EU Help in Case of Brexit Without Agreement

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Ireland wouls seek help from EU in the case of Brexit without an agreement

Ireland will ask several million euros of special aid in Brussels if Britain leaves the European Union without a Brexit agreement, declared January 3 the Irish Minister of Agriculture.

“This is about hundreds of millions,” said Michael Creed Irish Irish Daily. “Between the cattle and fisheries industries, we are talking about monumental sums,” ” he added. Emergency aid to Ireland would be mainly directed to sectors such as beef, dairy products or fisheries – the most likely to be affected in the event of a break without a link between Britain and the United Kingdom. EU.

About 80% of Irish exporters send their products to Britain, according to 2016 figures from the Irish government. If Britain leaves the EU without agreement on the date of March 29, Creed hoped that the EU would approve European subsidies at a summit of European agriculture ministers in Luxembourg in April.

The Irish cabinet is due to debate on the 4th January emergency measures in case of exit without agreement. They include port redevelopment plans, a fund for additional staff for customs, and discussions to preserve the island’s integrated electricity grid, shared with the British province of Northern Ireland. Up to 45 pieces of legislation would be needed, which could freeze all other debates in parliament in early 2019.

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