Aigné: The Vandalised Football Pitch

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The football field of Aigné (Sarthe) has vandalised

The football field of Aigné (Sarthe) has vandalised.

The football field of Aigné (Sarthe) has vandalized. A skid that is expensive.  

The contours of the Aigné stadium have undergone profound upheavals.

Some were planned as the disappearance of the poplars to enlarge the parking lot or the construction of a city-stadium which will extend the petanque part in the near future. But having a new motocross pitch with a stock-car was not planned.

What was not the surprise of the tracer by seeing all these traces of tires on the “lawn” arriving Friday morning to prepare the ground. Undoubtedly, vandals had fun slipping and skidding with one or more motorised vehicles, destroying all the care that leaders bring to have a lot of land in good shape.

In the meantime, the leaders will have to be active to make the ground acceptable to allow its use correctly.

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