“Yellow Vests” in Loire-Atlantique: Fuel Trucks Blocked in Donges

Local News
Yellow Vests block the refinery at Donges

FUEL PRICES PROTEST: The Donges oil depot is blocked by “Yellow Vests” protesters on Monday morning …

They had announced their intention to prevent the supply of petrol and diesel. They kept their word. Since 7am on Monday morning, protesters claiming the movement “yellow vests” block the tankers entering and leaving the fuel depot of Donges. The protesters are positioned at the Six-Croix roundabout in the immediate vicinity of the Total refinery.

Several other French oil depots are also blocked since Sunday evening by demonstrations of “yellow vests”, especially in the West of France (Le Mans, Brest …).

Other actions underway in the region

In the Pays de la Loire, “yellow vests” also carry out filtering dams slowing down the flow of traffic at Saint-Nazaire and at the Boufféré motorway junction (Vendée).

Saturday and Sunday, protesters were installed at the entrance of Nantes-Atlantique airport. Fifty of them had even burst on the tarmac Saturday .

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