Weather in the Eure: Possible Thunderstorms

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There may be some bright spells this afternoon in the Eure, but it's rain and swims that will dominate today.

WEATHER FORECAST:Mild Temperatures are forecast for the Eure, but Thunderstorms are possible in the afternoon

This Saturday 22nd December, 2018 , 356th day of the year, the weather will be a mixture of sunshine and showers across the Eure.

Meteo France evokes some possible thunderstorms this afternoon, but for the rest of the day it will be clouds, with the possibility of some sunshine and rain, with gusts of wind that could reach 40 km/h.

The temperature will fall lower than yesterday, although still fairly mild rather than winter temperatures with up to 10 degrees this morning and 12 degrees this afternoon, although it could feel colder if caught in the gusts of wind..

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