Lille: Beware, the Ring Road will Change to 70 Km/H !

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The Mayor of Lille (North) Martine Aubry announced that the ring road would go to 70 km/h

The Mayor of Lille (Nord) Martine Aubry has just announced: the ring road will go to 70 km/h in February 2019. Explanations

It’s a decision that will surely make a splash! The mayor of Lille (Nord) Martine Aubry has just announced that the ring road would go to 70 km/h instead of the current 90. The decision will come into force in February 2019.

A wish repeatedly announced the elected in recent years that has just obtained a positive response from the prefect Michel Lalande.

“You have to decongest the city. My obstinacy has paid off, the measure will come into effect on the section of the river port interchange on the A25 at boulevards south and east. It’s a good start, “says the elected.

Reaction to a petition

This announcement is made as part of a response to a petition on air quality in Lille addressed to the mayor.

“The surveys show that the trend is towards a decrease in the concentrations of air pollutants, – 20% for 10 years. They also show that poor air quality is concentrated around the ring road, “says Aubry.

Beyond the passage to 70 km / h, the elected also wants to “ban heavy vehicle traffic between 7 am and 8:30, but also between 17 pm and 19 pm.”

The elected also wants the creation of a lane reserved for carpooling and bus.

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