Lot-et-Garonne: Yellow Vests Remain Mobilised in Marmande

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Yellow Vests remain mobilised in Marmande

While they dismounted their cabin at the exit of the A62 toll in Samazan, the yellow vests of Marmande remain mobilised.

The Yellow Jackets have no intention of giving up in Marmande (Lot-et-Garonne).

Operation slowdown

While this morning, those installed at the roundabout at the exit of the A62 motorway in Samazan have dismantled their camp, their colleagues settled on the roundabout center Leclerc remain more than ever mobilised.

This afternoon, more than fifty people, with their yellow waistcoats, have indicated their intention to continue their movement. They slowed the traffic at the Leclerc Center roundabout for several minutes.

Many horns accompanied the march of the demonstrators.

The mobilisation will continue tomorrow, Saturday. The Yellow Vests should benefit from the reinforcement of the Yellow Vests Tonneins who dismounted their camp they occupied in front of the tax center.

A call on social networks was launched to protest tomorrow in Marmande, for a snail operation. 

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