Yellow Vests: Still Some Small Gatherings in the Sarthe

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Fewer blockades by the yellow vests this Thursday in the Sarthe

The movement of yellow vests declines in Sarthe this Thursday 22nd November. Some groups were still present on the roadsides. The points on our map.

The movement of yellow vests is not completed in Sarthe , Thursday 22nd November, but most of the filter dams, which remained, were lifted in the morning. The point on our map.

Lifting of the filter dams

In SablésurSarthe , after one last night of mobilisation, it was time to clean up in the morning. The gendarmes dislodged the protesters.

In the early evening, groups of yellow vests were in place, still on the ring road, near La Poste, and at the roundabout of the Super U, crossing pedestrian crossings to stop vehicles.

Between Sablé and La Flèche, a group of fifteen people was in place in the afternoon near the traffic circle of the business area in Louailles . The gendarmes also intervened.

At La Ferté – Bernard , some yellow vests were still present, recurrently, especially on the toll of the A11 motorway . They are now thinking about the movement .

At 7:30 pm on Thursday, Vinci Autoroutes noted the absence of protesters on the tolls of the A28 and the A11.

At Château-du-Loir, they were still present in the afternoon at the toll of the A28 (Montabon).

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