Morbihan. The Price of Diesel Increases, the Siphoning Also

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In Morbihan, rising fuel prices are making siphoning increase

Companies that are victims of fuel theft in Morbihan worry and organise themselves to prevent the problem from becoming too much of a problem.

Two weeks ago, several individuals were arrested after siphoning off nearly 500 litres of diesel fuel from truck tanks parked in two companies in Moréac, near Pontivy in Morbihan.

“We too have been robbed. It was 300 litres in the parking lot of our company in Lanester, half sank on the tarmac ” , explains the manager of a transport company based in Ploërmel.

Today, with the increase in the price at the pump, fuel has become the preferred target of thieves. “And it’s all about personal consumption. It is not for resale , explains the lieutenant-colonel Philippe Phavorin, second in command of the group of gendarmerie of Morbihan, which noted an upsurge of siphoning in companies of transport and in the car parks of the communes. “

An anti-siphon valve to prevent theft

To combat this scourge, Raphael Paitier, boss of the transport company BlueRoad, based in Malestroit, decided to equip all its trucks with an anti-siphon valve. “After being robbed again on one of our trucks, I decided to install this lock on the company’s 54 trucks. The bill amounts to about €1,500 “he explains.

But for some of his colleagues, who do not want to be quoted, for fear of being targeted again, this is of no use and can even make things worse. “When there is an anti-siphon, the perpetrators do not hesitate to pierce the tank. It’s worse, because replacing a tank costs around €600. So far put nothing and avoid damage “, continues this ploërmelais carrier.

In public works companies, the situation is also very tense. “Our neighbour paid for it a fortnight ago when the tanks of his construction machines were all siphoned off on the site of his future business,” explains the employee of the green woods artisanal area in Ploërmel. The harm is important. “

Today, companies in the sector are worried not only about the increase in theft, but also the impact of rising fuel on their business. “A year ago, at the same time, the diesel was about 1 € HT. Today, it exceeds 1.20 €. And, in the end, who pays for it   ? Our customers … “,regrets Raphaël Paitier.

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