Here are the Radars that Flashed the Most in Loire-Atlantique in 2017

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Here are the radars that flashed the most in the Loire-Atlantique

Around 320 000 offenses were recorded in 2017 by the 41 automatic radars installed on the roads of Loire-Atlantique. The radar radar report.

319,560 flashes . Here is the 2017 report of the automatic radars in the Loire-Atlantique department according to a Road Safety report.

At the top of this list, there are three cabins installed on the Nantes ring road : Porte de la Beaujoire (70 km/h), Porte des Sorinières (90 km/h) and Porte de Bouguenais (70 km/h). Also figure prominently the radar Treillières (110 km/h), near the rest area, in the direction Rennes-Nantes.

On the second step of the podium, the fixed radar of Pornic remains in top form. In both directions, it flashed 34,888 times last year.

The five radars that flashed the most

  1. Radar in Bouguenais on the ring road (between Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire and Saint-Herblain): 66 145 offenses.
  2. Radar Pornic on the RD751 (between Pornic and Arthon-en-Retz): 34 888 offenses.
  3. Radar in Nantes on the ring road (Porte de la Beaujoire, meaning Cholet-Rennes): 33,581 offenses.
  4. Radar in Saint-Herblain on the ring road (between Orvault and Bouguenais): 30 925 offenses.
  5. Radar Treillières on the RN137 (between Rennes and Nantes): 15 122 offenses.

The five radars that have the least flashed

  1. Radar Machecoul on the RD13 (between Touvois and Bourgneuf-en-Retz): 139 offenses.
  2. Radar at La Baule at the Pont de Terre (between La Baule and Saint-Nazaire): 332 offenses.
  3. Radar at Pornichet at the Land Bridge (between Saint-Nazaire and La Baule): 503 offenses.
  4. Radar Vair-sur-Loire on the RD723 (between Ancenis and Angers): 640 offenses.
  5. Radar Gorges on the RD763 (between Mouzillon and Clisson): 640 offenses.

Map. The 2017 report of automatic radar in Loire-Atlantique: 


Radars have collected 1 billion euros in 2017

In France, speed cameras have “flashed” 4.9 million times in 2017 (compared to 3.5 million times in 2016). An increase that the Ministry of the Interior attributes to the commissioning of 72 autonomous radars and 32 additional discriminating radars . The increase in the number of tickets has logically led to “an increase in revenue”:

“In 2017, this amount amounted to 1.013 billion euros (+ 10%) for the “radars” part (flat-rate fines), compared with the 3.6 billion euros spent by the State each year for road safety, and the € 38.3 billion in annual damage caused by road accidents to society, ie 1.7% of France’s GDP.”

Is the speed reduction at 80 km/h effective?

The number of dead on the roads of France  has seen a rebound in September  after two months of decline , continuing the question of  lowering the speed limit to 80 km/h  entered into force in July.

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