Soon a New Tax on the Carte Grise?

The state plans to levy a tax of 3 euros on each carte grise issued in France

The government is considering the introduction of a tax of 3 euros on the Carte Grise. Additional revenue to finance pollution controls

A “tax” anti-diesel-Gate in the boxes of the State? This is what  Le Parisien,  who announced on Monday the government’s plan, thinks he knows .

Three euros more on each Carte Grise ?

According to our colleagues, the executive would indeed think to create a new tax on the registration by taking three euros on all the certificates of registration issued each year. The envisaged revenues, of the order of 7.5 million euros, would make it possible to finance pollution controls, rigged by some manufacturers to overcome environmental standards. A file still under study according to a government source, quoted in the daily:

This is one of the tracks. Nothing is yet recorded. 

According to  Le Parisien, Europe has asked member states for increased control following the scandal of public and economic health in the car industry, especially for Volkswagen in Germany.  France would therefore attack the drivers’ wallets to meet the EU’s expectations.

A carte grise can cost several hundred euros . To determine its cost, it is necessary to add several taxes, which differ according to the region, and the category of vehicle.

Soon the end of toll barriers?

In this same bill of orientation of the mobilities (LOM), the government plans to eliminate the physical tolls by eliminating the barriers , in order to make traffic flow easier and to limit the pollution.

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