Speed ​​cameras: New road signs installed on French roads

Speed ​​Cameras: New Road Signs Installed on French Roads

ROAD SAFETY: No reference to the safety of motorists will be indicated On French roads, signs indicating automatic speed cameras appeared in 2003 with the arrival of these devices. Motorists are therefore familiar with these different signs and their meanings. But these will change soon. Thus, all the signs announcing the presence of automatic speed cameras on which appeared the words “for your […]

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Vehicles that are flashed will soon be checked for their insurance.

Fixed Speed Cameras: Vehicles Without Insurance Will Soon be Penalised

Vehicles that will be flashed by fixed speed cameras will soon be compared to the insured vehicle file. A way to fight against these very numerous practices. The hunt for uninsured vehicles continues. By the end of October 2019, motorists flashed by a fixed radar will also be checked for their green sticker!  Objective: to combat uninsured driving involving more than 700,000 vehicles, according […]

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The radar was installed in the direction Plouay-Lorient, along a road limited to 80 km / h.

Multi-Function Radars Deployed near Lorient, a New “Nightmare” for Motorists?

Three new generation radars, called turret radars (at a height of four meters), were recently installed in Caudan, Marzan and Locqueltas, near Lorient. They can potentially verbalize other offences than speed. A new generation radar, called the turret radar (which is at a height of four meters), was installed Tuesday afternoon, along the departmental road 769 […]

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The radar located at the Sesquières level on the device was unchained, but a paper still covers the flash. It is therefore out of order

Toulouse: Ring Road Radars in a Poor State, Which Ones Really Work?

Five months after the beginning of the movement of the yellow vests, many fixed speed cameras are out of service on the Toulouse ring road. Which ones are still in operation? The fixed speed cameras  of the outlying Toulouse ring road … It has become a classic of the Pink City for a year and a half. These radars have indeed […]

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Road deaths increased by 17.1% in February 2019

Road safety: A Sharp Rise in the Number of Road Deaths in February 2019

Road Safety has released its latest figures for February 2019, with 253 road deaths, an increase of 17.1%. The number of road deaths on the roads of France has jumped, according to figures published by Road Safety with 253 people having died on the roads in February 2019, against 216 in February 2018, an increase of 17.1% […]

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All Morbihan Speed Cameras Operational by April 1

All Morbihan Speed Cameras Operational by April

The prefect of Morbihan announced that all degraded Speed Cameras will be repaired by April. There is urgency: unlike the rest of France, road mortality continues to increase in the department, and speed is more and more involved. By the month of April, the thirty radars of Morbihan will all be operational. Concerned by a new rise […]

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Discover the radars that flashed the most in Normandy

Discover the Radars that Flashed the Most in 2017 in Normandy

137 speed cameras issued 591,805 offenses in 2017 throughout Normandy. Which one flashes the most in the department? Discover it with our interactive map. The 2017 list of radars has fallen. Of the 137 automatic cabins (fixed, discriminant and sectional radars) in Normandy , 591,805 offenses were recorded in 2017 according to the latest Road Safety figures. The most “efficient” radar is at Darnetal (Seine-Maritime), on […]

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Here are the radars that flashed the most in the Loire-Atlantique

Here are the Radars that Flashed the Most in Loire-Atlantique in 2017

Around 320 000 offenses were recorded in 2017 by the 41 automatic radars installed on the roads of Loire-Atlantique. The radar radar report. 319,560 flashes . Here is the 2017 report of the automatic radars in the Loire-Atlantique department according to a Road Safety report. At the top of this list, there are three cabins installed on the Nantes ring road : Porte de […]

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Turret radar, new speed cameras for France in 2018

The Turret Radar, which Flashes 32 Vehicles at the Same Time, Arrives on your Roads in 2018

A new generation radar, capable of controlling 32 vehicles simultaneously, has been tested since February 7th in Marseille. 455 models will be deployed throughout the country in 2018. Motorists in Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône) will play guinea pigs for a few weeks. A new generation of radar, the Mesta Fusion by the company Idémia , was put into service on the ring road of Marseille , at […]

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The government expects a 25 percent increase in revenue from speed cameras in 2017

Speed Cameras: The Government Expects 25% More Revenue in 2017

ROAD SAFETY: The revenues from the automated speed cameras on the roads of France could go from 672 to 844 million euros … Is a story that goes along with the last digit of road safety, with an increase of 30.4% of road deaths in September . The government expects a 25% increase in flat revenues […]

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