Migrants: The Aquarius “Continues on its Way to Marseilles,” says SOS Méditerrannée

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The Aquarius continues on its way to Marseille

MIGRANTS: Ghislaine Boyer, Project Manager at Sos Méditerranée, says that the Aquarius “continues its journey to Marseille” 

“We are moving at our small pace, but we continue on our way to Marseille .”  Ghislaine Boyer, Project Manager within SOS Mediterranean, confirms the fact that the Aquarius has” resumed its route to Marseille “. According to RTL , quoting the coordinator of the MSF project aboard the Aquarius interviewed this morning by our colleagues, the boat has temporarily changed course

“Yesterday, at the end of the day, while we were on patrol, we spotted a boat in distress with a hundred people on board, off the coast of Libya , says Ghislaine Boyer.This boat was saved by the Libyan coastguard, so there was no additional rescue for the Aquarius. “And continue:” We sail more or less directly to Marseille, according to our patrols and boats in distress spotted. ”

On Monday, the aid vessel asked permission to land in Marseille with 58 rescued migrants. Ghislaine Boyer says “waiting for an official response from the President of the Republic. 

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