Accident on the Ring Road of Fougères: Disrupted Circulation this Monday Morning

Local News
The accident on the ring road of Fourgères

Traffic was disrupted Monday morning September 17th on the ring road of Fougères following a collision between two cars.

Big disturbances this Monday morning, for three quarters of hours, on the ring road south of Fougères, between the roundabout of the Sermandière and that of the Hayais (Iné).

At around 8.45 am, following a slowdown, two cars travelling in the direction of the Hayais roundabout hit each other.

A slight injury

The accident caused a slight injury that was taken care of by firefighters.

The time of the intervention of the helpers, the circulation was neutralized on this section of the ring road: completely in a first time, then by alternating.

Traffic was fully restored shortly after 9:15 am

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