Motorbike: Fabrice Miguet Loses his Life in Northern Ireland

Fabrice Miguet loses his life in the Ulster Grand Prix

A specialist in road races like the Tourist Trophy of the Isle of Man, the biker, Fabrice Miguet from Orne was killed Saturday at the Ulster Grand Prix. He was 49 years old.

The world of bikers is mourning since Saturday night and the terrible accident of Fabrice Miguet occurred at the Ulster Grand Prix, in Northern Ireland. The driver from Chambois near Argentan (Orne) fell heavily during the 4th lap of the Superstock event.

Hopelessly transported to a hospital in Belfast, he is brain dead and artificially kept alive while doctors perform organ harvesting with the consent of his family. He had just turned 49 years old.

At the wheel of his Kawasaki, “Mig” was as impetuous as he was cool and relaxed in life. His trip was the closed road race, the discipline of achieving the best possible time on courses in cities and the countryside, all over the world. The most famous of these races is the Tourist Trophy, played on the Isle of Man.

He participated in the Bol d’Or in 2011

A real test in every sense of the term (263 bends with crossings of villages) where Fabrice Miguet had won in 2014 the title – unofficial – of French fastest: 18’36 to complete the 60 km of the route, evening an average from 194 km / h. Known for its value there, the Normand had played last June his 18th “TT”.

On occasion, he practiced endurance, even if it was not his favorite garden. It was also on the occasion of a Bol d’Or that he had fractured both arms. Rather used to the French championship of rib racing, “Mig” was an asphalt biker, a hedonist biker who had lugged his kindness and know-how on many courses in Belgium, the Czech Republic, or on the mythical Mount Pikes Peak, Colorado, United States, which he completed in 2015.

His most memorable memory will undoubtedly be his foray into China in 2000, on the formidable urban course of the Macau GP. An epic epic. Saturday, “Mig” went away as he lived, at full speed. His funeral should take place Friday, August 24, at the church of Chambois (Orne).

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