Fabrice Miguet loses his life in the Ulster Grand Prix

Motorbike: Fabrice Miguet Loses his Life in Northern Ireland

A specialist in road races like the Tourist Trophy of the Isle of Man, the biker, Fabrice Miguet from Orne was killed Saturday at the Ulster Grand Prix. He was 49 years old. The world of bikers is mourning since Saturday night and the terrible accident of Fabrice Miguet occurred at the Ulster Grand Prix, in […]

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The weekend weather forecast for Argentan

Weather in Argentan: Sun on Saturday, Rain on Sunday

Mixed weather this weekend in Argentan. While spring is still waiting, rain and low temperatures are expected. Meteo France provides for a weekend well sullen at Argentan . The most beautiful of the two days of the weekend will be Saturday. With an average of around 10 degrees, and a partially veiled sun, this is an opportunity to get out of the house. A […]

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The third wind farm in the Argentan area will be completed this year

Energy: The Third Wind Farm will soon come out of the ground in the Argentan region

Eleven wind turbines will come out of the ground in the Argentan region in the area of ​​Rânes, Saint-Brice-sous-Rânes and Saint-George-d’Annebecq. The project, launched almost 10 years ago, will end this year. The municipality of Rânes, in the Pays d’ Argentan , will host the third wind farm of the Orne. 11 large 140-meter wind turbines will grow during the year. These immense […]

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The sun will shine brightly at Argentan this weekend.

Weather: The Sun Comes Back and Settles in Argentan!

The sun is back in the area of Argentan. And with it: temperatures above 10 ° C! Météo France assure us … The sun is back in Argentan for a weekend  ! After months and months of weekends in the rain, the sun finally decides to hang in our sky. And that’s not all: temperatures will rise again. If Saturday morning, they will stay around […]

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Thomas Barbier (left) lost on points in Boxing on Saturday night against Sofian Bellahcene. He will have to wait for his first crown.

Boxing: France Championship – Thomas Barbier loses on Points!

Thomas Barbier was defeated by points against Sofian Bellahcene (-55 kg) in Aix-en-Provence on Saturday night. His first crown nevertheless held out his arms. The Argentanais is still in shock, “I am surprised by the decision of the judges. Some pros, who came to see me, see me victorious. “ “Frankly, I do not think I lost. “ A few hours […]

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