Weekend Weather for Lorient: Hot Temperatures, Risk of Thunderstorms

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Weekend weather in and around Lorient

Weather Forecast:  It will be a hot weekend in Lorient and across Brittany, although their is a risk of thunderstorms by the end of the weekend…

It will be a hot weekend in Lorient and across Brittany, although their is a risk of thunderstorms by the end of the weekend caused by the anticyclone that retreats to the north will allow the arrival of a stormy thermal depression across Lorient and the whole of the region of Brittany.


Clouds of high altitude, cumulus and fine morning clearings with fast and strong rise of the temperatures. Sensations of hot weather at midday under a very generous sun.

In the afternoon: the generous and very hot sun is accompanied by a pre-storm cumulus on the coast. In the north of Morbihan, cumulus, more developed, can generate showers. General feeling of very heavy weather at the end of the afternoon.

Mini: 17 / 18 degrees; maxi: 29 / 30 degrees

Moderate wind from northeast (strength 3, gusts 20-30 km/h, 30-40 on Groix) easterly then east-southeast swelter in the afternoon. From Kerroc’h to Guidel-Plages: beautiful sea. Min: 17  / 18 degrees; max: 29 / 30 degrees; (from 16 / 17 degrees to 30 / 31 degrees north of Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac) felt 32 / 34 degrees. Sensation of very heavy weather between 8pm and midnight (felt 31 ° / 33 °) before the arrival of a rainy-stormy front around midnight (possible gusts in thunderstorms), 28 degrees at 8pm and 24 degrees at midnight.


Unstable in the morning with thunderstorms and cumulus of stormy aspect generating showers accompanied by thunderstorms. At mid-day, storm instability is reinforced with a greater risk of thunderstorms and a feeling 32 / 34 degrees.

The afternoon: the stormy instability remains marked with clearings, more frank on the littoral border and thunderstorms, locally strong, north of a Plœmeur-Port-Louis axis, with a feeling, before storms of 32 to 34 degrees. WIND SOUTH wind southwest southwest afternoon with gusting bursts.

Mini: 18 / 19 degrees; maxi: 26 / 27 degrees

From Kerroc’h to Guidel: beautiful sea. Min: 18 / 19 degrees; max: 26 / 27 degrees; (from 17 / 18 degrees to 28 / 29 degrees north of Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac.) Great gentleness with storms going north of Brittany in the evening, 22 degrees at 8pm and 18 degrees at midnight.

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