Strike at the SNCF: Rail Traffic “Disturbed” in Normandy on Sunday, the Forecasts

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The strike at the SNCF will cause disturbed traffic in Normandy

Sunday 17th June, 2018, rail traffic will again be disrupted on all SNCF lines in the Normandy region. Three TER out of four is planned. Here are the forecasts.

Sunday 17th June, 2018 is the day 31st day of the strike at the SNCF, of the 36 originally planned. The CGT has since decided to continue the movement in July. Here are the traffic forecasts:

Two intercities out of three

TER: three out of four trains (93% trains and 7% coaches)

  • Paris-Rouen: 100% of the trains.
  • Paris-Caen: one train out of six.
  • Rouen-Amiens: one train out of two.
  • Rouen-Dieppe: 100% of the trains.
  • Le Havre-Rolleville: 100% of the trains.
  • Fécamp – Le Havre: three trains out of five.
  • Elbeuf-Yvetot: 100% of trains.
  • Evreux-Lisieux-Caen-Cherbourg: one train out of three.
  • Lisieux-Trouville-Deauville-Dives-Cabourg: 100% of the trains.
  • Caen-Saint-Lô-Coutances-Granville: one in five (coach) traffic.
  • Caen-Rennes: two trains out of five.
  • Paris-Dreux-Argentan-Granville: 100% of traffic (50% trains, 50% coaches).
  • Rouen-Caen: 100% of trains.
  • Le Mans-Alencon-Argentan-Caen: two out of five motorways (coaches).

Intercités: two trains out of three

  • Paris-Rouen-Le Havre: three trains out of four.
  • Paris-Caen-Cherbourg: four trains out of five.
  • Paris-Granville: three trains out of five.
  • Caen-Le Mans-Tours: no traffic.

TGV  (Le Havre-Marseille): no traffic.

The strike at the SNCF continues with more disturbances in Normandy
Traffic forecasts in Normandy for the day of Sunday, June 17, 2018. (© Capture SNCF)

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