New rail transport plan by SNCF after coronavirus crisis

Deconfinement: The SNCF and the Regions want you to Take the TER this Summer with 2 Million Tickets from 1 to 10 Euros

RAIL TRANSPORT: A way to revive rail transport, hit hard by the coronavirus crisis “We will make you prefer the train”. This well-known SNCF slogan is being brought up to date, the sector having been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis. Associated with the eleven regions which manage regional rail transport, the railway company launches the ”  TER de France” operation, a story of “restoring […]

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SNCF is planning a traffic disrupted again in Brittany this Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Strike of December 10th: The SNCF Traffic Still Very Disrupted in Brittany

With the new mobilisation expected against the pension reform, TGVs and TER will remain very disrupted this Tuesday 10th December in Brittany, announced the SNCF. New week, but the same disturbances expected on SNCF traffic in Brittany. Tuesday, December 10, day of new mobilisation against the pension reform, the SNCF provides for very limited traffic, as was the case for this Monday, last […]

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SNCF traffic resumes to normal at Montparnasse Station in Paris

Montparnasse: SNCF will Ensure all its Trains on Friday

The SNCF announces that it plans to circulate all scheduled trains at the start and finish of the Paris station of Montparnasse on Friday, a week after the fire of a transformer. The SNCF announced Thursday that it planned to run all the trains scheduled for departure and arrival of Paris Montparnasse Friday, a week after the fire of […]

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The strike at the SNCF will cause disturbed traffic in Normandy

Strike at the SNCF: Rail Traffic “Disturbed” in Normandy on Sunday, the Forecasts

Sunday 17th June, 2018, rail traffic will again be disrupted on all SNCF lines in the Normandy region. Three TER out of four is planned. Here are the forecasts. Sunday 17th June, 2018 is the day 31st day of the strike at the SNCF, of the 36 originally planned. The CGT has since decided to continue the movement in July. Here are […]

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Traffic forecasts for Normandy, as the strike at the SNCF continues

A New Strike at the SNCF on Wednesday: Here are the Traffic Forecasts in Normandy

The strike at the SNCF continues on Tuesday 12th June, 2018. The Normandy bridge has been blocked. What will be the day of Wednesday, June 13th? For their 29th day of strike , Tuesday 12th June, 2018, the railway workers hoped to remobilize against the railway reform before it was adopted by Parliament this weekend. SNCF at the national level, the mobilization was mixed, […]

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The strike at the SNCF continues on Wednesday

Strike at the SNCF: On Wednesday, 3 Transilien out of 5, 2 TGV out of 3, 1 TER and Intercités in 2

MOBILIZATION: The strike at the SNCF continues on Wednesday, with continued disturbances on the rail network A new strike at the SNCF continues on Wednesday. With 3 Transilien out of 5, 2 TGV out of 3, 1 TER and Intercités out of 2, the traffic will be still disturbed on the railway network. On Tuesday, the 29th day […]

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Traffic forecasts for the SNCF Strike on 3rd June

SNCF Strike: Traffic still Disrupted on Sunday 3rd June with 2 TGVs out of 3 and 1 TER out of 2 in Circulation

SNCF revealed this Saturday night its traffic forecast for the day of June 3. Many trains will not circulate during this 26th episode of railway workers’ SNCF strike. Two TGVs out of three, one TER out of two and two Intercités out of five are announced. SNCF traffic will be disturbed again Sunday, for the 26th day of […]

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After the strke at the SNCF, traffic will gradually return to normal

Strike at SNCF: Still Some Disturbances Before a Gradual Return to Normal

On Monday, the SNCF plans a gradual return to normal, after a weekend very disrupted traffic for the sixth episode of strike action by the railway workers. The SNCF has planned a “gradual return to normal traffic” Monday, during the May 1 bridge, after the sixth strike that caused disruption on Saturday and Sunday, for the return of vacation Zone C. […]

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Traffic forecasts for the strike at the SNCF this Sunday

Strike at the SNCF: Traffic Forecasts for Sunday, Return from Holidays in zone C

This Sunday, traffic forecasts will be identical to Saturday, on the occasion of the 12th day of strike at the SNCF. Half of the TGVs and one third of Intercités will circulate Sunday. On the twelfth day of strike against the railway reform, the forecasts are identical to those of Saturday, announced the SNCF in a statement. “The four […]

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Disturbances continue at the SNCF in Lorraine for this day of Saturday, April 28, 2018.

Strike at the SNCF: 2 TER out of 5 and 2 TGV on 5 Average this Saturday in Lorraine

Attention, new episode of strike action of the railway workers of the SNCF. Saturday 28th April, 2018, 2 TER out of 5 and 2 TGV out of 5 will circulate on average in Lorraine. It’s gone for the last episode of bumpy strike of railway workers of the SNCF of April. This Saturday, the movement will again […]

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