Lyon: Euro 2016 – 20,000 People Expected Each day Place Bellecour

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Security reinforced in Lyon for the Euro 2016

Safety will be drastically enhanced in the city centre but also in the periphery …

How to organize a global event while maintaining maximum safety? While France and Lyon are preparing to host the Euro 2016 football in June, the issue remains at the heart of the concerns of the organizers.

“There will be maximum security. All paid leave has been removed,” said Gerard Gavory, prefect delegated to security in the Rhone department, without specifying the number of officers mobilized for the event, just outside the city centre of Lyon. Strict instructions were given, particularly for the fans who will gather for a month in the fan area, installed in Place Bellecour and open between 12 midday and 11.45pm.


20,000 people are potentially expected each match night. “The place will be closed to pedestrians and occasionally to traffic,” says Jean-Yves Drought, deputy in charge of security. Streets leading to Bellecour can also be cut, depending on the situation at the time.  Furthermore, the car park under the square will be unavailable for thirty days.


Prohibited bags

To secure the fan zone, it will be surrounded by barriers, the city of Lyon has used a private provider. Between 110 and 120 officers of the Byblos society will be mobilized every day.  Four inputs are provided on the site to avoid congestion.  “Will will be asking visitors to avoid coming up with too bulky bags. In the case that they do, they will have to leave them at the entrance in special lockers provided for this purpose.  Each supporter will also be searched before entering the area, “warns Jean-Yves Drought.

“Everything is scalable. We do not know yet how many foreign fans will come.  Many elements will be clarified in the coming days, “said Georges Képénékian, deputy in charge of major events. “We must also consider the path of the France team.  Premature removal will necessarily have consequences for the functioning of the fan area, “adds Jean-Yves Drought.

“Some raised the question of the interest to a fan area , given the current context.But this does not stop people from coming. Monitoring of small groups scattered in the streets, would have much more problematic, “Georges Képénékian analysis.

Furthermore, vigilance will be strengthened in city stations, the airport, outside the stadium but also inside the facility, where the security report to UEFA.

security gates at the stadium

“The fans will be a double palpation. There will also be security gates and an object detection system to prevent lead some smoke, firecrackers or weapons or explosives “, reveals Gérard Gavory, adding that special attention will be paid to hooligans from Belgium.

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