Trélazé: Charles Aznavour in Concert

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Charles Aznavour is in concert at Trélazé on the 27 August 2016

Tonight, the French legend, Charles Aznavour is in Concert at Trélazé …

Tonight is the last of the concerts in Trélazé and it is a special one as well, with the French legend Charles Anavour live in concert, with a firework display to finish off at the end of the concert.

As with the other concerts that have been taking place over the summer at Trélazé, near Angers, the concert is taking place at the Parc du Vissor, in Trélazé, and starts at 9pm.  Because of the recent events in France recently, there will be a heightened security presence so it is advised to arrive early.

So if you fancy a great evening out, at a live concert from Charles Aznavour, then go to Trélazé tonight for 9pm.

As usual with all the concerts that have been taking place at Trélazé, this summer, the concert is Free and there is also free parking as well.

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