Reblochon Contaminated with E. coli: Investigation into the Suspicious Death of a Child

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Health authorities are investigating the suspicious death of a child to see if it was caused by reblochon suspected of being contaminated with E. coli bacteria.

New lots of Reblochons were recalled Thursday 31st May, and an investigation was opened after the suspicious death of a child. This one would have consumed cheese.

Health authorities are investigating the suspicious death of a child to know if it was caused by reblochon suspected of being contaminated with E. coli bacteria , said Friday the health agency Public Health France.

“The investigation around this case is ongoing,” said Public Health France, pointing out that it could at this stage “neither dismiss nor assert” that it is linked to the consumption of reblochon suspected of being contaminated Escherichia coli bacteria.

New batch reminders

In the early evening, the family cheese factory Chabert, which manufactures this reblochon, announced the recall of new batches “as a precaution” after two previous reminders on May 11 and 14.

“As of May 31, 2018, 14 children aged one to five years are included in the investigation of this epidemic,” said Public Health France in a statement.

Of these 14 children, six were infected with the same strain of the bacteria and it is known that they consumed reblochon incriminated.

Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS)

These six children, who live in several different regions (Center-Val de Loire, PACA, Ile-de-France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Pays-de-la-Loire), have all been affected by a haemolytic uremic syndrome. (HUS).

This disease, whose origin is most often food, is potentially serious for young children: it is a complication of an episode of often bloody diarrhea, which can cause acute renal failure. For the other eight children, “investigations are in progress” because it is unclear whether or not they have consumed the incriminated reblochon.

A dead child

Of these, two had signs of gastroenteritis and six had HUS. One of the children with HUS died, the investigation around this case is ongoing, “according to Public Health France.

“To date, it can not be dismissed or affirmed that these cases of HUS are linked to the consumption of reblochon: non-isolated and characterized strain, or consumption of reblochon incriminated not yet documented.”

Public Health France does not specify the date of death or the age of the child.

Made in Cruseilles (Haute-Savoie), reblochons are sold under the Chabert, LeTartiflard and private label brands of a number of brands such as Our regions have talent (Leclerc) and Saveurs de nos Régions (Lidl) .

“The Chabert company shares the concern of the families concerned, collaborates with the state services in the investigation and takes the necessary measures to remedy this situation,” said Céline Chabert, head of the cheese dairy, in the communicated on the extension of the reminders.

Precautionary measure

“Cross-searches have revealed that, in addition to the lots recalled on May 14th (whole reblochon), half Reblochons and LeTartiflard cheese (a Savoy cheese made from raw milk) are also suspected”, said in a statement. Chabert company which therefore proceeds to recall “additional lots of reblochon as a precaution”.

Asked by AFP, the company did not specify the volumes concerned, just ensuring that “it was small quantities.”

Céline Chabert assured that she “strengthened the analysis of milk production in an independent laboratory to determine the source of possible presence of E. Coli O26 “.

Of the 456 analyzes conducted, “100% of the lots analyzed are compliant”, according to the company’s press release. However, “as a precaution, today and until further notice, the milk producers Cruseilles site is discarded.”

A toll-free number is open to consumers seven days a week from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, on 0800.94.52.35.

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