Nantes: An Urban Toll to Fight Against the Congestion of the Ring Road?

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To fight traffic congestion on the Nantes ring road, Francis Rol-Tanguy proposes the introduction of an urban toll.

A report on mobility in the Greater West proposes the introduction of a congestion charge to relieve the Nantes ring road (Loire-Atlantique)

His report is eagerly awaited in the West . Exclusively, the newspaper Le Télégramme unveiled Tuesday, June 26, the first lines of reflection Francis Rol-Tanguy  for mobility in the regions of Brittany and Pays de la Loire . This senior official was sent at the beginning of the year by Minister of Transport Elisabeth Borne, after the abandonment of the Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport project .

“All the experiments show that it reduces traffic”

In leaks disclosed by the Breton daily, there is an explosive proposal: the introduction of a congestion charge to fight against traffic jams on the ring road of Nantes . “A question too often considered taboo,” Judge Francis Rol-Tanguy. According to the rapporteur, say our colleagues, “all the experiments show that it reduces traffic. And winning a 10% drop in traffic would be enough to unclog the ring road. ” This toll could be modulated according to the hours and the level of pollution of the air.

Use the emergency stop lane?

This proposal also aims to improve accessibility at Nantes Atlantique airport. The former advisor to the court of accounts proposes that motorists going there can use the emergency band “when the device is engorgé”.

Francis-Rol Tanguy has other avenues to streamline traffic: such as the introduction of “shuttles” from existing Nantes Métropole car parks to the right of the ring road. But in the form of transport on demand, bookable from his smartphone, “reports the newspaper.

In his reflections also include “the realization of a lane reserved for buses, taxis, shuttles from the ring road on the access road to the airport and the experimentation of autonomous vehicles, from the metropolitan car parks or the tramway terminus” .

The working document, revealed by Le Télégramme , should be made public by mid-July.

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