Gironde: A Thousand Rabbits of Garenne Invade the Park of Bordeaux

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The number of rabbits in the park continues to increase, a rabbit can give birth to 15 to 25 young rabbits each year.

Faced with the proliferation of rabbits Garenne in the park of Bordeaux (Gironde), the City is currently conducting a study to limit the number of these small animals.

At the Bordeaux park (Gironde), walkers are no longer surprised to see rabbits of Garenne walking in the alleys, on lawns, near trees or near playgrounds …

The small hairballs with big ears, which would be about a thousand – according to the head of the green spaces – have elected home on this site of 28 hectares and feel good there, reports CNews Bordeaux .

No predators and unlimited food

The place pleases them: they have no predators and have unlimited food!

However, even if, at first sight, this colonization can make people smile and arouse the curiosity of visitors, rabbits also pose a serious problem for the City of Bordeaux because they cause a lot of damage in the gardens.

Degradation in gardens

They destroy plantations of gardeners and burrows they dig a barrier on which people can stumble.

In short, the City of Bordeaux is thinking of ways to limit the proliferation of rabbits in the park. The chosen method should be unveiled within a few weeks.

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