South Gironde and Lot-et-Garonne: Job Alert for Friday 1st June

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11 job vacancies in Lot-et-Garonne and Sud-Gironde

11 job vacancies in Lot-et-Garonne and Sud-Gironde

In partnership with the employment centers of Langon and Marmande, 11 job vacancies to quickly fill in Sauveterre-de-Guyenne, Fossès-et-Baleyssac, Masseilles, Pellegrue, Casteljaloux, Birac, Sainte-Bazeille, Samazan, Couthures-sur- Garonne and Marmande 

070YHVD – Wine Worker (M / F)

You will intervene on the suckering and lifting
2 positions are to be filled
Recruitment rrgent
contract 2 months
35H Normal hours
Beginner accepted

072LHRS – Wine Help (H / F)

You will intervene as a wine helper for lifting.
Recruitment Urgent
Contract seasonal work 1 month
35H Normal hours
Beginner accepted

072LMMN – Help Roofer (M / F)

You will intervene as a roofing aid.
Your missions: Help with the installation of industrial framework and the roofing of individual houses
Urgent recruitment
Contract of indefinite duration
Salary Monthly: 1500.00 EU over 12 months with Premiums and Mutual
Beginner accepted
License: B – Light vehicle required

071DNVF –  Tree Worker (M / F)

In a tree farm (plums) close to Pellegrue,
for the 2018 harvest season, you will be responsible for driving the tractor
with the harvester and working in the dry season.
Ideally you already have experience in this field but beginners accepted.
The post office is scheduled for 16/07/2018 (end 15/09/2018).
Post neither fed nor housed. Local available for lunch.
Seasonal work contract 2 months
35H Normal hours
Beginner accepted

072LWMM –  Bathing Supervisor (M / F)

We are looking for 1 bathing supervisor, holder of the BNSSA.
Diploma required to be valid. Facility monitoring.
Weekly average 35h.
Housing not provided.
Duration: CDD 3 months

072mdkr – Administrative Secretary (M / F)

You will come in support of a post of secretary versatile (e):
writing letters, computer entry bordeaux transport,
billing, relationship with agencies and administrations.
Schedules to be defined with the employer.
Take immediate post.
CDD 3 months

068lgxb – Heavy Duty Delivery Driver (M / F)

Your mission is to deliver Winegrowers or Farmers customers with a truck
equipped with an on-board machine, grain trucks or dump trucks
(experience on this type of equipment will be a plus).
The candidate must possess the heavyweight license C or EC, the FIMO, the FCO, the ADR of BASE,
and the CACES 3 or 9 (displacement of the loads). A driving license containing
a sufficient number of points. A certificate will be requested at the interview.
The organization of working time is annualized on the basis of 35 hours on average,
with high and low periods. The experience of collecting will also be a plus.
Potential annual bonus of 1000 eur (for full year of work).
Mutual, pension, supplementary pension, profit-sharing and participation. CE active.
CDI 35 H

072MXLD – Truck Driver (H / F)

From Samazan, you will pick up in Aquitaine (Fruits & Vegetables)
with a refrigerated truck But you will also have to make the long
(national journeys). Rotating schedule.
You will provide the handling for loading and unloading and will use
load shifting equipment (experience and / or CACES welcome).
You must have FIMO and FCO up to date as well as your current driver card.
Taking immediate post. Renewable contract.
CDD 6 months / Samazan / 3 years exp

072LLPH – Employé polyvalent de restauration (H/F)

In a tourist site with a fast food area,
under the authority of the site manager, you will be in charge, the preparation of salad sandwiches and others.
You will also be in charge of:
– Orders, control and management of product stocks
– Organization, maintenance of various catering areas
– Control of procedures relating to catering
– Control and management of the boxes
– Control and control of margins, coefficients and ratios
– Animation food places
You will have to respect the general rules of operation of the site, the schedules of cuts
and the times of presence, the planning, You will also have to respect the obligation of reserve
when internal information to the operation and organization of the site to which
the employee can access in his function.
CDD 2 months / exp 6 months / Couthures on Garonne

072MWHC – Water Treatment Technician (M / F)

You will follow an alternating training course between the host company and the
Campus Veolia d’Ibos training center . The alternation rate is about
3 weeks in a company and 1 week in a training center.
Your missions (non-exhaustive list):
Clean the filtration systems /
Monitor the pumping systems and perform their routine maintenance /
Maneuver the equipment and facilities of wastewater treatment plant or
drinking water production plant / Set up plant facilities
(wastewater / drinking water) / Perform routine maintenance of materials and equipment
of plant (sewage / drinking water) / Detect malfunctions in plant facilities 
(sewage / drinking water) and report them / Proceed with the disposal of sludge / 
Proceed with the day-to-day operation of the facilities a plant (sewage / drinking water) / 
Carry out simple tests of compliance on the site of the discharges / Take samples 
Professionalisation contract / MARMANDE

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